The Diamond in the Rough

You’re in, and you’ve been here for 4 months, 16 months, 28 months: basically an eternity. You’re tired of Starbucks and Espresso Royale. You’ve had one too many sandwiches at Subway and Jimmy Johns. You’ve spent too many nights at Rick’s (yes, it’s possible). You’re wondering what else there is to do in Ann Arbor. What more does it have to offer?

Well, don’t you worry, fellow Pharmies. You may think you’ve done it all, that there’s simply nothing left to do, but I’m here to show you all the hidden gems you’ve been dying to get your hands on, and maybe you’ll discover your own diamond in the rough.

Here’s a list of 8 Hidden Gems that you either haven’t heard of, or haven’t used, but should.

  1. Welcome Wednesdays

    Waking up for class before 9 am is miserable. Michigan gets that. They understand you. That’s why every Wednesday morning from 8 am to noon, the Alumni Association offers free bagels and your choice of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Located less than two blocks away, the Alumni Center is here for your morning needs.welcomewednesday
  2. RoosRoast CoffeeStarbucks and Espresso Royale can get old. There’s only so many times you can get Grande, Skim, No Whip, Pump of Espresso, White Chocolate Mochas before you’re tired of them. My suggestion: RoosRoast Coffee. Located a short walk from central campus, RoosRoast is all locally brewed and locally delicious. Brew your own coffee at home? They sell their wonderful “artisan beans” for your own use. Open at 6:45 am, this is the perfect to place to go for those early morning studies.roosroast
  3. Fleetwood Diner
    Open 24 hours, this small diner is your 2 am guilty pleasure choice. Serving their famous Hippie Hash, this diner has gained notoriety for being one of your only 24 hour stops. With its variety of fresh meaty and vegetarian omelets, you should be sure to check this out after studying at Taubman until 5 am (we all know it happens).fleetwood diner
  4. Tmaz TaqueriaIf you’re looking for “real, authentic, and great-tasting Mexican food,” then Tmaz Taqueria is your destination. As someone who personally misses their Abuela’s original Tortas recipe, I can assure you this is truly the place to go for your authentic cravings. Take a break from Subway and Jimmy Johns. You deserve it.
  5. Argus Farm StopFinding quality, locally-grown fresh-produce isn’t easy. Unless, of course, you stroll on down to Argus Farm Stop. Argus prides itself on using only local produce in their market. It would take me days to write about all of the amazing products available at their market, so for this one, I think it’s best to explore their website for awhile. They are known for their fresh, “beyond organic,” and sustainable produce. Lastly, they’re open year-round! If you’re looking for an off-season produce item, Argus surely won’t disappoint.argus farm stop
  6. The Lunch RoomBefore I even start, let me tell you about their Mac n’ Cheese. It’s beautiful. It’s cheesy. It picks you up when you’re down. It gives you a shoulder to rest your head on. It helps you study for the top 200 drugs. But best of all? It’s completely, 100% vegan. Yes, you heard me right. This restaurant proudly serves “high-quality, nutritious vegan food.” To be honest, after tasting some of their items, you wouldn’t even know it was all vegan. This is a definite must, and an easy stop as you leave the Kerrytown Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.lunchroom
  7. Study Hall Lounge

    I know you’ve all been waiting for it. My Rick’s comment got you unnerved. How could I possibly be tired of Rick’s? Our beloved, dirty basement Rick’s. Look, I’ve had (and will continue to have) my fair share of life-changing nights at Rick’s. That’s undeniable. But we need an alternative. Rick’s won’t stay pure if it’s all we do. To this, I suggest Study Hall Lounge. This up and coming hole-in-the-wall lounge is your next Friday night destination. They have great music and great ambience. It’s a high-class lounge with a low-class price. There are areas to sit, areas to stand, and most importantly, an area to dance. Enjoy an intimate night out with your close-friends; take your entire class out to dance; or take a chance and venture out alone. Study Hall Lounge will not hall lounge
  8. Literati BookstoreLast on our list is my favorite hidden gem and my favorite place in all of Ann Arbor: Literati Bookstore. This independent bookstore is located in the heart of Ann Arbor. It’s more than a bookstore: it’s a book haven, a book heaven, and a book community. Literati booksellers were selected out of over 300+ applicants to serve your every literature need. They have book clubs; they have public readings; they bring in renowned authors from around the country. My favorite part? The literature is new. If you’re dying to get your hands on that new lyrical poem everyone is talking about: Literati. No matter what your literature needs, Literati will definitely succeed. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: there’s an in-store espresso bar located just upstairs.literati.jpg

What’s your favorite hidden gem in Ann Arbor? Let us know in the comments! If you’d like any more suggestions for unique restaurants, aesthetically pleasing latte art, remote study spots, or anything else, feel free to ask us.

Thanks for reading!


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