Rewind and Relax in your Phree Time

Written by Kevin Sparks

****First of all, I’m going to assume you all chuckled at my use of the Ph in this title. You’re welcome. Now, on to the good stuff.****

During a panel I attended earlier this semester, a P3 student was asked by a P1 student about their management of their work-life balance during their P2 year. Specifically, they asked how the P3 student kept up their friendships and other relationships. The P3 instantly responded with “Simple. I stopped talking to my friends and secluded myself from society”. This was met, of course, with widespread laughter, and while I too chuckled, it raised an alarming question: are pharmacy students taking care of their personal health? As a current P2 student, this issue is quite salient for me. I started asking around as well as observing my peers and my own stress levels and level of self-care, and I was sad to see and hear that the majority of us don’t make enough, if any at all, time for relaxation and self-care.

self-care 1

Of course, this isn’t surprising. We’re busy. Very, very busy. And we all knew this as prospective students coming into the program, because to think otherwise would be foolish (sorry if you’re applying and thinking this is an easy ride: it’s not). We’re an exceptionally passionate and driven group of students who value our academics above all else. But this doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to allow ourselves a night (or two or three) of relaxation and non-academic related activities.

Now, I know we’ve all heard this before, and I often respond with the same phrase I’ve heard a lot of my peers use: “I don’t have time for free time.” To that, I must empower us to making it a top priority each and every week to allow oneself free time for self-care.

self-care 2

Take five minutes to look up self-care tips and decide for yourself which ones are feasible and helpful for you. You deserve it! And now let me provide you with FOUR of mine and your peers’ favorite activities in Ann Arbor to relax your mind, body, and soul.

  1. Go see a movie!

The Michigan Theatre located a convenient walk downtown brings new films in weekly. It’s also a historic landmark of Ann Arbor!

  • Cinemark Theatres (15 minute drive): Discounted student pricing always. Discount ticket day on Wednesday.
  • Quality 16 (15 minute drive): Discounted student pricing always. Discount ticket day on Tuesday.


2. Nicholas Arboretum

So walk. Much play. Such green.


3. Yoga

There is Yoga through the CCRB, elective courses of Yoga, as well as an abundance of yoga studios throughout all of Ann Arbor. GroupOn has AMAZING discounts on bulk packages (they’re such a deal, I promise).

image (2)

4. Planet Rock

Regularly $16, this rock climbing destination has $10 passes after 7:30pm on Thursdays!



Please, on behalf of PSA and the COP. Take care of yourself. CAPS is wonderful and the COP has our very own CAPS counselor, Dr. Juemei Yang. Your health is of the utmost importance.


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