The Interview

The interview schedule generally consists of a welcome session, two interviews, and the opportunity to sit in on a pharmacy class. Each interview session is approximately 40 minutes long, and you will be interviewed by both a faculty member and a Pharmacy Student Ambassador. Then, interviewees are taken out to lunch at a local venue with other Pharmacy Student Ambassadors. This is an opportunity for interviewees to relax, ask questions, and get to know the school.

Remember that the interview is a conversation, not an interrogation. While Michigan may be evaluating you for admission to the program, you are also evaluating Michigan, its culture, and whether the College of Pharmacy fits your needs. It’s great to practice commonly used interview questions with friends and mentors in order to prepare, but avoid reciting rehearsed responses that you think the interviewers want to hear. Come interview day, answer questions naturally and honestly.

As is the case in any other sort of interview (for a job, volunteer program, or study abroad opportunity, for example), you will be assessed on your interpersonal skills and character. If you’re capable of successfully communicating your goals, accomplishments, and genuine interest in pharmacy, you’ll likely be able to work well with other health care professionals in a real world setting.

There’s no set interview recipe that leads to admission. Go wherever the conversation carries you, as long as you maintain a level of professionalism. You can certainly still express your personality without seeming completely uptight. Keep in mind that your grades and PCAT score were already considered along with your other application materials, and they were at a high enough level to secure you an interview. Academic excellence is, of course, important, but your interviewers aren’t going to ask you whether or not you had a 4.0 GPA. If you received an interview invitation, the admissions committee believes you are capable of succeeding in the program.

A misconception about the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy is that it only accepts students who get straight A’s and perfect PCAT scores. These criteria are important, but Michigan looks for so much more beyond that and pleads that you do not prejudge your qualifications. Michigan recognizes students who balance academic rigor with work, leadership, volunteering, research, and other hobbies. They seek a well-rounded individuals rather and value their character more than their identities as numbers.

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